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Municipal Ordinance and General Violations

In the state of Colorado, many cities and towns draft their own rules and regulations. Many of these ordinances relate to public order and safety, such as assault, theft, and solicitation for prostitution, as well as weapons violations and threats. Municipal Ordinance crimes can also be charged as ‘domestic violence’ offenses, with many of the same consequences as state domestic violence charges. Furthermore, a guilty plea or conviction at trial on a municipal charge can trigger violations of a deferred judgment, supervised probation or parole in other cases.

Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not serious because it’s just a “muni” case. All of these charges can come with serious fines, and in many cases the Assistant City Attorney will be asking for jail time. This is especially true of domestic violence cases. If charged under a municipal ordinance, you must defend your liberty and your reputation as vigorously as you would in state court, and you will benefit from the assistance of a criminal defense attorney who knows the system and can identify and exploit the weaknesses in the municipality’s case. Whether you’re charged with a fire or building code violation, or something as serious as assault, you should not go it alone.

Mr. McKinstry spent years in the courtroom handling such cases and has litigated nearly one hundred municipal cases in front of Colorado juries, ranging from sewer-line violations to domestic violence, threats, harassment, and assault charges.


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